“Design is intelligence made visible” is a famous quote by Alina Wheeler, an award winning author who credits the creativity of individuals.

The creative department of SAS Creative is the team that carries ideas/concepts and crafts them into a reality. SAS Creative consists of people with creative minds, professionalism, passion, and patience. Most importantly, as a group of talented workers, they work as a team to produce the best results. SAS Creative provides all kinds of creative solutions such as sports apparel designing, marketing materials, layouts, etc.

SAS Creative has extensively worked with SAS Creative designers work behind the screen, taking care of all kinds of digital marketing needs and other creative services that are due to make the clients stand out with their marketing-related strategies always.

The Creative department develops social media posts, web banners, flyers,mailchimp, web product images and other client requirements which come through the marketing department and other departments.

The creative design section mostly concentrates on tasks related to apparel and marketing. With optimum efficiency and innovation, this team works effectively to meet the deadlines within the allotted time frames. The collaboration and quality of the designs are highlighted as one member’s creativity develops the designs and another member’s attention to detail makes sure that every output is flawless.

The creative department is well organised and works under 3 main levels. The head of the creative department handles the main duties and responsibilities while consistently monitoring the department. Second layer consists of two team leaders who represent apparel and marketing projects. Third level is the core of the department since it consists of the designers who make the creativity possible.

The creative director guides the team with his creative mastermind. Also, there is a quality checker who closely inspects all the artworks and makes sure the team’s output is perfect and all the details are correct as per the briefing from top to bottom. The creative department makes everything possible with a touch of creativity.

The creative team maintains close relationships with all the other departments at SAS Creative where the details and necessary information is briefed before starting a new project.

Workflow management system is used and updated throughout the project to make sure every step goes accordingly between the designers and other departments. The Fail-Safe method ensures that stored artwork and important files are in safe hands. There is a specialised specific system to monitor to keep track of time and monitor the team’s efficiency.

Creative department of SAS Creative is not just a creative team in general, but this is a team with knowledge, passion and a vision with the sole purpose of offering the best for the clients.

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