People are the strength, the backbone, and the token of success of any organisation. At SAS Creative, it is no different, the success and growth lies at the hands of the team members. Their services and undivided loyalty to the organisation paves the way for the betterment of the company.

Where it all connects – The Relationship Management Unit

The Relationship Management Unit (RMU) embodies professionalism, patience, attitude, collaboration and they further offer a variety of services, including client management, collaborating with the sales agent and other inter departments producing and manufacturing orders, organising bids for clients, and maintaining systems.

RMU department has many levels. The first layer consists of the RMU head, the second layer has the three-team leaders who represent Apparel, Equipment and the Client – consultation processes. The next level of the RMU consists of the Senior Relationship Executives while the final level includes the Relationship Executives of the team. The RMU has become one of the most important departments at SAS Creative as this team plays a huge role in generating income for the organisation through sales.

In general, SAS Creative is a marketing agency collaborating mainly with New Zealand clients, they have set designated major points of contact for each client representative. Each primary point of contact is supported by one or two assistants.

The SAS Creative has clients from different industries like sports and apparel who are being handled by a specialised team. Each team is in charge of these clients who are important to the progress of our company. The beauty of the company is they share, assist and work cooperatively without over-burdening one team with work, so while one team is distressed with a huge workload, they aim to assist and share the work so as to meet the deadline and produce good and quality services to the clients.

MYSAS, ERP, Monday.com, and CIN7 are the primary systems that are being used, and also use the SAS website, Merch site, The Ball Store site, LOTTO site, and Pipedrive are competitive technical appliances that aid the team to work efficiently.

MYSAS- MYSAS is used to input orders and quotes. The team collects all of the information from the sales agents or the consumer and enters it into the mysas system. They provide account quotations and standard rates to schools and clubs through the mysas system and this platform has made the jobs easier and more efficient.

ERP- this system is used to request all creative design materials such as creative ideas, tech drawings, storyboards, marketing materials, and catalogues. The requests from the creative designers are done through the ERP system, after the client or sales representative provides the design brief.

Monday.com- is a centralised platform where they keep track of all the facts. RMU team maintains several Monday.com boards for each of the tasks for a better organisation and management of our tasks. It is a great platform to keep track of the tasks, organise and perform efficiently amidst a busy schedule. The team also uses Monday.com to record and share the details with other departments.

CIN7- is a software for inventory management that integrates with internet sales. In CIN7, it enables to create purchase orders and other orders while verifying product stock levels. This is also another great feature that helps the RMU team to perform our duties in an organised and efficient manner.

When the team gets an inquiry/order through Monday.com or email, they request the design idea and then organise the technical drawing (tech pack). Once the client has accepted the technical designs from the design team, the order is put into the MYSAS system. In the meanwhile, the requests for artwork from our manufacturer are being done, and once all of the details are finalised, the order is placed with the factory for production. It’s also another important task to trace the order as it arrives at the NZ warehouse until it is delivered to the client.

Pipedrive- The team will record all of the sales rep’s orders and quotes in Pipedrive. Pipedrive is a platform that allows sales professionals to see their weekly and monthly sales data and track their development.

Aside from that,managing tournaments, produce customer reports, order reports, develop proposals, prepare marketing materials, and recommend IT solutions are a few other important tasks that are handled by the RMU team.

Efficiency, effectiveness and management skills are a must to be successful in the competitive business world and thus, the RMU team productively focuses on all these aspects to add value and help the SAS Creative organisation achieve its vision and mission.

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