Work hard – Play hard, Tranquility 2022.

Life could be hectic when you are packed with work 24/7 and have no free time for yourself or to enjoy. We, at SAS Creative, know well about how stressed our employees are on a daily basis. It is our top priority that our employees are satisfied and stress-free amidst the chaos of work-life balance.

We went on our Annual Trip, “Tranquility 2022” – or you could call it a 3 – days long epic party, if you may. Themed as Tranquility 2022, we went in search of the freezing breeze and comfort of Yahalatenna on the 1st of April 2022. After long hours at work and a draining period with work and trembling chaos, SAS Creative decided that it was time that the team got some relaxation whilst chit-chatting and partying with the team.

Tranquility 2022 was our first annual trip after the COVID – 19 pandemic, so, it was the first time that all our employees met together in one place after almost two nerve-racking years of working from home.

The annual trip was not just any trip, it was filled with fun, games, events, parties and so much more. On the very first day of landing at Yahalatenna, the team had the most exclusive Avurudu celebration, after all, what is a trip without heading back to our Sri Lankan roots and traditions? We were lucky this time because it was already the Avurudu season and we got to celebrate at the earliest with our team. Followed by many events and the most important of all, the SAS Tranquility Avurudu Kumara and Kumariya, took a very interesting turn, and surely, everyone enjoyed our hustle and bustle.

Our trips are bound to end up being some of the most exquisite parties ever. When music and our teams are in one place, we automatically move our bodies to the rhythm, eventually filling the dance floor with some fantastic dancing and fun. From disco, and tango to hip pop and crazy, our team has some well-renowned dancers who never miss a beat.

The team at SAS Creative lives by the mantra “work hard – play hard” and that is how we approach our daily tasks at work too because working in a competitive field like digital marketing is very tough but at SAS Creative we have a good chance to work with a fun-loving and an extraordinary bunch that makes working at SAS Creative a dream come true. And as one party ends, another is only just starting so we are looking forward to the next frantic party of the season, powered by SAS Creative!

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