We are the team of cosmonauts at your service, to make your journey through creative space a memorable one.

Meet Tim
A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, there was someone who believed that “Nothing is too much for a friend or a client”. He, who was a visionary leader foresaw “out of the world” ways in
which he can build an empire using the talents scattered around the universe. Ladies and gentlemen, that is Tim for you.

Without Che, there would be no flying from one place to another
Che is the mastermind that put together a dream team to navigate the mothership to the enterprises that have the potential to rise up to “The next generation” level.

Flying your dreams with Lakshan
Managing the mothership that travels through the universe in speed is not a one-person task. Apart from the main missions assigned to him, he also contributes his expertise in cyber technology with our team of cyber experts.

Feel weightless, because Rumesh shoulders the weight
It is important to maintain the internal environment of the mothership at optimal levels in order to encourage exceptional performance, and high morale of the crew. The responsibility of this vital role is shouldered by Rumesh.

Muditha, the artful voyager
As the art director of the spaceship, he ensures that you travel the galaxy with great design and style. All your adventures on earth and space will be conceptualised and represented in a visually appealing manner with great design elements.

Lastly, Mahi, the wind beneath our wings
Heading the project management team of the spaceship, Mahi is responsible for overseeing and supervising all projects and missions handed over to the spaceship. She ensures that the journey of each mission is going great and successfully completed.

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