As it’s always the case, a journey of a thousand light-years began with one vision – To provide design delivery within 24 hours to clients. Back in 2016 the biggest struggle SAS Sport, one of the leading sportswear and equipment brands in New Zealand faced was not receiving
high-quality and efficient designs from the freelancers. Hence Che Delpachitra, a designer then was tasked with the mission to establish a design house as a back office function of SAS Sport.

Tim found that the best solution was to outsource a set of creative and extraordinary minds from Sri Lanka, but he had to face many difficulties. It was not an easy journey walking towards achieving this mission because there were many roadblocks on the way. New Zealand was miles away from Sri lanka, but the distance was not even the biggest issue. The huge difference between the cultures, social backgrounds of the people, their work culture ethics, language barriers and not to forget the geopolitical and government legislative processes. And even more importantly, the loyalty and trust of his employees.

Sri Lanka being a non-westernised and a south asian country, their culture, societal norms and the work ethics were vastly different from that of New Zealanders. But Tim was ready for that challenge, he wanted something more, he wanted something out of the box, something extraordinary and something that is worth the risk. That is why despite all the difficulties, he set his mind on hiring the most creative and best set of individuals to work on his team. English language being the helping hand, Tim and the team became successful in building up a creative empire, today known as SAS Creative.

And as they say, the rest was history. Soon with the addition of Customer Service Support and Procurement, SAS Creative was formed as a Design Agency of its own. Days went and SAS Creative showed no slowing down. In 2019 SAS Creative became a fully functional virtual office
providing services of web solutions, digital marketing, virtual administration, creative services and more.

As SAS Creative kept getting bigger and stronger it kept attracting many high-profile brands such as LOTTO Sportswear, OFC (Oceania Football Federation), and Harbour Court Basketball to name a few.

Now the well established SAS Creative is on a new mission to become the best virtual office delivering any service within 24 hours.

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