Among the many beaches in Sri Lanka, Panadura beach takes a more natural and aesthetical manner in attracting not only tourists but also locals to spend time in the cold breeze of Panadura. Nature has certainly favoured this coastline with warm and foamy riffles that heal your mind even amidst the busy city life that is surrounded by. But the pollution is no less in Panadura beach as the city meets nature, many pollutants and trash are easily being thrown away to the sides of the coastline without a second thought. Panadura beach was the ideal place for the initiation of the CSR project as it embraces the busy lives of people like us and gives the same warmth and love despite our inconsiderate actions. On the 26th of February, our energetic team made the first-ever beach clean-up a tremendous success by collecting 164kg of pet bottles, general plastic, glass, tins, and paper garbage at Panadura Beach.