Who We Are

Get your jetpacks ready to have an infinite journey of proficiency in outer space. Experience an out of the world level of service being provided by our team of experts. What feels like rocket science for you might be a piece of cake for our team as we’ve already aced in space. Acing in space has given us the space advantage to provide a 24-hour delivery time to make your journey with us more adventurous and beneficial. We are designated to start this exciting journey to explore the universe with you and your team!

Tim Connoly

Managing Director

We are the team of cosmonauts at your service, to make your journey through space a memorable one. A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, there was someone who believed that "nothing is too much for a friend or a client". He, who is a visionary leader, foresaw "out of the world" ways in which he could build an empire using the talents scattered across the universe.

Missions assigned:
  • Create the ultimate holograph of success that lights up the entire universe.
  • Guide the mothership through new adventurous missions.
  • Selecting the most effective pathways for missions.

Che Delpachitra


He is the very mastermind that put together a dream team to navigate the mothership to the enterprises that have the potential to rise up “the next generation” level. He provides directions and coordinates of the next mission of the enthusiastic team of creatives.

Missions assigned:
  • Ensure that all the missions are handled exclusively by the experts in the relevant field and completed hassle-free.
  • Maintain high efficiency of the space team to complete missions with minimal funding.
  • Handle even the most challenging missions with zero logistic issues using "Infinite space - infinite opportunities".


"Stellar services in a lightning second"

To be a one-stop service provider that supersedes customer expectations across the globe and delivers in a competitive time frame.


Our mission is to identify factors that hinder delivering of praiseworthy services in a competitive time frame and combat those with departments armed with

  • exceptionally talented team members: who bring their secret ingredients of rare talents, skills and creativity.
  • advanced equipment & futuristic technology: to ensure that our customers get what they do not experience elsewhere and that they are always ahead of their competitors; not just in time but also in quality

Core Values

We adhere to omnipresent core values to bring out the best in SAS Creative services.

  • Teamwork: who bring their secret ingredients of rare talents, skills and creativity.
  • Creativity: Authentic concepts made from connecting disparate ideas is what runs down our veins.
  • Adaptivity: We use "evolving with the evolving technology" as the strategy of survival.
  • Customer-centric: Our effort, passion and skills are translated exclusively into customer satisfaction.